ARISE Youth Summit 2019

A purpose has been given. A calling has been revealed. This summit were really just more than a one-day event for me. It encompasses a journey that I will never ever forget. Another journey wherein I know that it is not me who is leading the road by myself, but ultimately it was God. It... Continue Reading →


What summer vacation makes you feel and remember.

Summer Vacation.This two words may sound so cliche or familiar to all of us, but deep in our hearts we know that it also entails our different personal stories we suddenly remember when we heard of this words. To some it entails boredom. A lot of students sees of it as just a boring time... Continue Reading →

First Sample Post

So here it is. This is my very first ever entry post. WAAAAAAAH. I really don't know what to say but this blog site were really just a dream before. I'm super excited of where my ideas translated to words will bring me. 😊

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